Yahboom Jetbot - A Great AI Robot Kit

Yahboom Jetbot - A Great AI Robot Kit

There are a lot of robot kits out there that can teach kids about coding and technology concepts.yahboom jetbot ai robot But yahboom jetbot takes it to the next level. It’s an AI robot that is capable of driving autonomously and recognizing colors, faces and objects. It also can perform various tasks like avoiding obstacles, tracking moving objects and detecting desktop edges to prevent falling. It comes with a 3 DOF lifting camera platform and iOS/Android app control. It can even identify the user and respond according to his/her gestures.

The yahboom jetbot is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, an artificial intelligence processor that can perform advanced computer vision tasks like object recognition, face recognition and a whole host of other smart features.yahboom jetbot ai robot It is built on a sturdy and reliable body made of green aluminum alloy with a unique mechanical structure that distinguishes it from other similar cars. It has a 3 degrees of freedom lifting platform and an 8 million HD camera, which can real time view surrounding environments. It can accomplish Automatic Avoidance, Object Tracking, Color Recognition / Tracking and Detecting Desktop Edges to Antidrop and more!

It is easy to assemble and comes with an instruction manual that is very detailed.yahboom jetbot ai robot The build process was easy and straightforward, although it can be tricky to get the servos in the right positions, especially when you are building it upside down. It does require a certain level of technical expertise, but if you are patient and careful you can put this together in just a few hours.

Another great thing about this ai robot kit is that it has open source code, so you can modify the code and program new functions. It is an excellent way to learn about coding and artificial intelligence, and it’s very affordable.

The yahboom jetbot comes with many tutorial materials and professional technical support. It is a very interesting and educational ai robot that can provide lots of fun for the entire family. However, it has some drawbacks that you should be aware of before making a purchase. The customer service is very good and responsive, but the logistics company is less than ideal.

To set up the yahboom jetbot, you will need an SD card, a wired USB or PCIe WiFi adapter and some coding software. First, you’ll need to download the JetBot image from NVIDIA and install it on your SD card using balena Etcher (for flashing OS images) or sdfetcher (for formatting SD cards). Once you have the image installed, you can connect the Jetson Nano to the sdfetcher and begin programming! If you want to test your ai robot, you can use the test scripts provided by yahboom. You can also upload your own scripts written in Python. The yahboom jetbot ai robot is an amazing product that will help your children and family learn about the latest in technology and coding. It’s a perfect gift for any child who is interested in robotics and AI.

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