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ROSMASTER X3 PLUS is an educational robot built based on the robot operating system with mecanum wheel.rosmaster x3 plus ros It supports four control boards (Jetson NANO 4GB/Xavier NX/Jetson Orin NX/TX2 NX/Raspberry Pi 4B) and is equipped with high performance hardware configuration such as lidar and depth camera used for SLAM mapping navigation, 6 DOF robotic arm and 520 high power motor, voice interaction module and HD 7 inch display screen. Users can learn artificial intelligence programming and Robot Operating System Python Programming through 103 video courses and large numbers of codes provided.

With green oxide mecanum wheels and pendulum suspension chassis, the rosmaster x3 plus ros can adapt to uneven ground.rosmaster x3 plus ros It can be driven by a wide range of advanced algorithms including gmapping, hector, karto and cartographer for precise multi-point navigation, TEB path planning and dynamic obstacle avoidance. By integrating the depth camera and lidar, it can also realize RTAB 3D visual mapping and navigation.

Moreover, it is compatible with YOLO model training and TensorRT acceleration for more efficient operation. It is also easy to operate through a mobile app. All in all, the rosmaster x3 plus is worth a try for beginners who want to learn about robot technology.

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