Rosmaster X3 ROS Kit

Rosmaster X3 ROS Kit

rosmaster x3 ros is an educational robot built based on the robot operating system with Mecanum wheels, compatible with Jetson NANO/Xavier NX/TX2 NX and Raspberry Pi 4B.rosmaster x3 ros It is equipped with lidar, depth camera, voice interaction module and other high-performance hardware configurations. It supports APP remote control, APP mapping navigation, handle remote control, ROS system PC control and other cross-platform remote control methods. Using Python programming, it can realize mapping and navigation, following or avoiding, Autopilot and human body posture detection.

The kit includes a 7-inch touchscreen display, 6DOF robotic arm and YDLIDAR 4ROS TOF LiDAR.rosmaster x3 ros The LiDAR is used for 3D point crude and SLAM mapping navigation. It also enables multiple robots to navigate autonomouslyto specified coordinate points. It can support gmapping, hector, karto and cartographer mapping algorithms and provide path planning, dynamic obstacle avoidance and single-point navigation.

It has high-angle depth camera bracket and uses the TOF ranging method, resistant to strong light 70KLux100KLux, supporting indoor and outdoor mapping navigation and can measure distance with a radius of 30m.rosmaster x3 ros It can also support face recognition, hand detection and overall detection. Combined with the voice interaction module, it can respond to commands issued by voice.

The kit has four versions to choose from, namely Raspberry Pi 4 B, Jetson Nano 4GB Subkit, TX2 NX and Xavier NX.rosmaster x3 ros The difference between them lies in the main controller board, but the usage methods are the same and they all use ubuntu system. It is an ideal platform for learning artificial intelligence programming and robotics, and can be widely used in schools, colleges, factories and other areas. It has a small form factor, making it easy to store and operate. It is also easy to install, so it can be used in places with limited space. Its powerful performance, stable structure and high stability make it the perfect choice for students. It is a great choice for advanced robotics projects and Python programming. It is a must-have for every serious roboticist!

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