Betafpv Aquila16 FPV Kit

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Betafpv Aquila16 FPV Kit

The Betafpv aquila16 fpv kit is an advanced FPV drone kit designed for beginners looking to elevate their skills and take the next step in First Person View (FPV) flying.betafpv aquila16 fpv kit It strikes a perfect balance between user-friendly features for newcomers and advanced capabilities for those looking to unlock boundless creative possibilities.

Built with a modular aerodynamic design, the Aquila16 combines durability and performance to deliver an exhilarating flying experience. Using the exclusive battery, it offers up to 8 mins of flight time, enabling immersive and continuous learning. The ducted frame is engineered to provide enhanced protection against crashes, minimizing damage and allowing for easy replacement. The Aquila16 also excels in hover capability for assisted flight, ensuring safe and effortless flight for worry-free learning.

In addition, the Aquila16 is equipped with a camera and FPV transmitter that are specifically tailored for beginner pilots. The FPV transmitter uses a high-power and low-latency 350mW system, guaranteeing real-time video transmission with a range of up to 200 meters indoors and outdoors. The camera is optimized for FPV, with a high-resolution LCD screen and adjustable lens, providing a clear and crisp image. The Literadio 2 SE radio transmitter comes pre-loaded with the latest ELRS 3.0 firmware, allowing for convenient Joystick Calibration and Firmware Upgrades directly on the transmitter itself.

A specialized version of the popular LiteRadio 1, this transmitter fits adolescents perfectly to hold and provides auto-centering sticks for easy controls, especially when learning new skills. It is also compatible with computer drone simulators, avoiding the need for additional transmitters and maximizing convenience.

All components, including the Literadio 2 SE radio transmitter, a pair of VR03 FPV Goggles, and the Aquila16 drone are conveniently packed in a portable EVA storage bag, facilitating easy transportation and enhanced equipment protection. A detailed user manual and online support help beginners to quickly get started with their FPV journey.

With the Aquila16, BETAFPV continues to build on its renowned Cetus series, ensuring that it is the best choice for aspiring FPV pilots. The Aquila16 is an inverted quadcopter with a modular aerodynamic design, making it the ideal choice for beginners to take their FPV adventure to the next level. Featuring a dependable brushed motor, robust ducted design, and intuitive controls, it is an ideal platform to develop flying skills, capture breathtaking moments, and explore the endless creative possibilities of FPV.

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