Rosmaster R2 Ros

Rosmaster R2 Ros

rosmaster r2 ros

The rosmaster r2 is a high-performance robot platform developed based on the ROS (robot operating system) with Python programming and a 6-DOF robotic arm.rosmaster r2 ros It is a great choice for ROS beginners, programming enthusiasts and Jetson nano fans. It supports the main controllers such as Jetson NANO 4GB/Xavier NX/TX2 NX and Raspberry Pi 4B and supports a variety of remote control methods. The high-performance hardware configurations can realize robot mapping navigation, obstacle avoidance, automatic driving, human feature action recognition and voice interaction control.

It uses the RTAB algorithm to fuse depth camera and laser radar, realizing 3D vision mapping and navigation obstacle avoidance and supporting global relocation and autonomous positioning.rosmaster r2 ros The ORB-SLAM2 open source SLAM framework can provide high-performance SLAM. It has a wide field of view, can capture objects at close range and is resistant to strong light 70KLux100KLux. Moreover, the AstraPro depth camera can manually adjust the pitch angle, making it easy to realize AI visual play methods of high-definition cameras and more advanced functions such as depth image data processing and 3D navigation mapping, etc.

The ackerman steering structure is used in the r2 robot, which makes it able to turn quickly and smoothly.rosmaster r2 ros The inner and outer wheels rotate at different angles, with the inner wheel turning at a smaller radius than the outside one. This makes the r2 robot extremely agile and responsive to commands. It also features a powerful 520 motor racing rubber tire, making it suitable for some racing small robot competitions. In addition, the r2 robot is equipped with a high-performance voice interaction module, allowing it to "listen and answer". The rosmaster r2 can perform a number of interesting tasks and is ideal for use as an educational tool.

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