Flywing Airwolf RC Models

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Flywing Airwolf RC Models

If you were a fan of the 1980s show Airwolf, you probably knew that the titular helicopter was actually a thinly disguised Bell 222.flywing airwolf helicopter These were common civilian helicopters of the time, used mostly for transport and ambulance service. The actual helicopter used on the show had a unique paint job and some fake bodywork to represent fictional equipment, but if you saw it in person, it was pretty hard to mistake for anything else.

The show itself was an exciting action thriller that blended science fiction and action into a fascinating package.flywing airwolf helicopter Starring Jan-Michael Vincent as reclusive CIA pilot Stringfellow Hawke and Ernest Borgnine as co-pilot Dominic Santini, the show was loaded with action and adventure. It also touched on themes of loyalty and trust, making it an all-around winner with viewers.

One of the most popular parts of the show was the helicopter itself, of course.flywing airwolf helicopter The Airwolf helicopter was a sleek, futuristic-looking aircraft that put regular helicopters to shame. It had all sorts of cool features, from a powerful avionics system to 14 different firepower options. In fact, the helicopter could outrace conventional jets, fly halfway around the world, and attack any target. In fact, the only thing that could stop Airwolf was its own fuel supply or a lack of ammunition.

Another cool feature of the helicopter was its ability to "howl".flywing airwolf helicopter When it bolted across the sky in turbo boost mode, you would hear it howl like a wolf. Similarly, when it hovered in the air you would hear it make a mechanical trilling sound. The helicopter itself was a modified Bell 222, with a two-cylinder Lycoming gas turbine engine and a streamlined design.

It was capable of carrying a total of 10 passengers, including the pilot, and it was designed for corporate/executive, EMS, and utility transportation missions. It was even used as an air ambulance in some cases, although it was eventually sold to a German charter company and crashed in 1992 during a thunderstorm, killing all three people onboard.

While there are a number of different Airwolf RC models out there, the best is probably the Esky F150 V3 Micro sized Bell 222 helicopter. This is a great RC helicopter for beginners that is easy to fly thanks to its CopterControl CC3D electronic stabilization with 6 sensor (gyros & 3 accelerometer) stabilization.

If you are looking for something a little larger, Roban has an Airwolf fuselage available in both 500 and 600 size models. While the quality of their paint and fiberglass is not as good as Fun-Key's, they are still a solid choice.

If you really want to go fast, the iFly 450S TFX is an excellent choice. It uses a state-of-the-art GPS flight control system that is similar to high-end drones. It is completely programmable from the transmitter and carries a full range of spares at an affordable price.

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