Yahboom 12Dof Dogzilla S1

Yahboom 12Dof Dogzilla S1

Yahboom 12dof dogzilla s1

12 servos, aluminum alloy bracket, can flexibly complete a series of bionic actions, realize omni directional movement and six-dimensional attitude control. Its 9-axis IMU and steering gear angle sensor can feedback its own posture and joint angle in real time, then the co-processor combines inverse kinematics algorithm to achieve different motion gaits.

It supports a variety of AI visual recognition functions, such as obstacle crossing, visual tracking and QR code recognition. You can easily operate it through its iOS/Android APP, handle or PC control. In addition, you can customize its program according to your needs, and explore the possibilities of robot dag.

Equipped with Raspberry Pi 4B as the main control, it can achieve various AI visual recognition functions through Python programming. ROS developers can also use it to complete RVIZ and GAZEBO simulations. It only takes about 15 minutes to finish assembling, and ample tutorials and open source codes are provided to help you get started quickly!

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